I am a freelance software consultant based in Madrid, Spain.

With more than 12 years of experience building software (five of which as a Sun Java Architect at the Sun Java Center at Sun Microsystems) I have been involved in many sort of projects, both national and international, lately focused in (but not limited to) the Java and J2EE arena. My expertise ranges from Java Swing to AJAX, from BEA Tuxedo to SOA architectures, from Java to Scheme or C and C++, from XML, XSLT and XML Schemas to useful applications of those (such as this site, mainly built using XSLT and DocBook).

I may be available on a part-time basis for consulting, development-team mentoring, technical writing and some small software developments. Feel free to contact me for further information on availability and rates.

You can reach me at antonio#antonioshome.net. Beware of my spam filters: your email may not get through.

You can also see my LinkedIn profile

I am currently active on twitter, but I don't like FaceBook though.