Antonio's open source software

Here's a list of open source software components that you may find of interest:

  • LambdaBeans. An IDE for the Scheme programming language built on top of the NetBeans Platform. GPL-v2. This project is currently "on hold" until R7RS is out.

  • Command Line Execution. A small library that allows you to embed operating system processes in Java applications.

  • NetBeans Standalone Editor. Use the NetBeans editor in standalone Swing applications.

  • Mandelbrot Explorer explore visually the Mandelbrot fractal, and experiment with SwingWorkers.

  • UITopics an Event Bus for Swing and an exercise on Java annotations.

  • Undo Text Wrapper add Undo/Redo support to JTextComponents very easily.

  • TreeWrapper add drag and drop support to Swing JTrees.

  • OPML Editor arrange your collection of RSS feeds easily.

  • SwingWorker Manager a component to visualize the advance of your SwingWorkers, with some other nifty features.

  • Splines Draw cardinal splines using Java2D