SwingWorker Manager is a tiny library that may be used to execute SwingWorkers.

SwingWorker Manager has the following features:

  • It includes a FixedThreadPool with a number of threads that depends on the number of processors you have.
  • It keeps the list of most recent SwingWorkers in an ArrayList (which is not thread safe). Since this list is always updated within the Swing thread there're no threading issues. (so it may serve as an example on how to handle a ListModel in a multithreaded environment)
  • Example on how to build a custom cell renderer for a JList that contains different Swing components
  • Serves as an example on how to use SwingWorker's features

  • Status: Not being worked on (Feb. 2006).

  • Todo: What about using a TableModel instead of a ListModel? What about keeping track of wait time (queued for execution) and execution time (actually running) independently? Advanced: include a JButton in each ListCellRenderer to cancel the SwingWorker.
  • Source code (LGPL license)
  • Run it (Java Web Start, JDK 5.0)