Making NetBeans dance Tango, part I (Swing Icons III)

So as promised I tried to build a NetBeans module that allows you to visually choose icons and... I almost got it working.

Building the module

Building a NetBeans module is, well, fun. Using NetBeans 5.0 to build NetBeans modules is very easy once you learn the basics. NetBeans has a very powerful modular architecture!

So I built a PropertyEditor to choose icons using the visual icon chooser I talked about in my previous blog entry (long ago, I know, I've been traveling ;-)).

Building a PropertyEditor and bundling it within a module is not that difficult. You basically have to follow this tutorial to do so

And an issue was found...

And I got it running almost perfectly. You can visually choose your icons. The necessary icon libraries are automagically bundled within your project when you do so. But... there's a problem: if you reload the form then NetBeans is unable to load your property editor again. :-(

So I reported an issue on this and, well, voted for it. (If you're a registered member of the NetBeans community you can vote for issues).

And let's see what happens. If the issue is solved I'll post the module for you to try out.

And, well, of course, if you're interested in trying out the module then... you can vote for the issue too ;-).

Happy Swinging meanwhile, Antonio

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