Chambermaid Swing... rocks!

This has nothing to do with Swing but with music! I've adquired the latest from Parov Stelar and, well, Chambermaid Swing just rocks!

Parov Stelar's Chambermaid Swing

As a spaniard you'll probably assume I just like flamenco ;-). Well, I do, of course. But I also like jazz and, more recently, the jazz+house (=nujazz?) mix.

And Parov Stelar (Etage Noir's head) is a leader in the area. One of my favourites.

Parov has just released Charleston Butterfly and, in there, a little gem called Chambermaid Swing

Jazz Picante

Now you can listen some free nujazz stuff from Lisbon at Jazz Picante. They've got MP3 streaming there: good stuff, too!

Cumprimentos from Madrid ;-) !

Other news

On other sort of news, I'm rearranging Antonio's home for better readability (feedback greatly appreciated). I'm also preparing some notes on NetBeans, Ruby and (probably) DocBook. I'm having lots of fun learning these, and I'd like to share my experiences with you all (feedback appreciated, too).

Have a good summer time, and happy (Chambermaid) swinging, Antonio

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