Java-ing since 1996!

It seems Microsoft's latest service pack is badly affecting JFileChooser...

Bug 6448428 ...

At least this is what this bug seems to be. If you try to open a JFileChooser, under Windows XP Service Pack 2, and you have a wrong PATH.

This has happened to me recently, while deploying a Java Web Started application on Windows XP. The bug is fatal, because it crashes the JVM. I hope it gets solved soon. (I'm very busy building a cool Swing app for some friends of mine)

... and Bug 4017969

While browsing the bug database I also found bug 4017969, dated Dec. 1996.

And, you know what? That was me posting a bug report! Almost ten years now! (at the moment I was with the Applied Electromagnetics Group at Univ. Santiago )

So I've been Java-ing for almost 10 years?

I'm getting old...

But it's been fun all the time!!

Happy swing-ing, Antonio

P.S.: I'm quite busy at the moment with this Swing application, but I'll try to post more frequently. I promise.

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