Don't upgrade ubuntu today

There's a bug in the latest xserver-xorg-core that prevents X from starting up!

It happened to me this morning...

... while updating my Kubuntu box. After the upgrade X refused to start up! :-O

That's too bad. When you release software to lots of people you must be really sure everything works well. Otherwise people will get angry and frustrated.


... and happened to me yesterday, as well ...

Yep. It happened to me with a Java Web Start application I'm building (yes, the one that prevents me from blogging more often ;-)).

The fact is that that bad JVM bug I talked about yesterday affected one of my six users, and she couldn't just run the application.

Ah, this reminds me of the importance of being earliest.

Testing, testing, testing...

Cheers, Antonio


The problem seems to be solved now: there's a new xserver-org-core ready for upgrade.

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