JDBM: More interesting links

Some more interesting links for the JDBM tiny Java Database Manager library.


As you probably know one of my interests is using the lightweight JDBM library for persistence. I have blogged about JDBM in the past.

Today, I happened to find an interesting page, in French with some interesting information. (You can use Altavista's Babelfish to see the english translation here )

The page, by Luis Cova, has some interesting performance tests you can see yourself. JDBM is, as expected, extremely fast.

Cees de Groot

I have also found out that the original author of JDBM is Cees de Groot, a very famous JINI expert. His blog is worth a read.

By the way, did you know that Cees de Groot was somewhat involved in the development of the NetBeans Lookup Library in 2000?

(Cees de Groot has a nice and funny) entry on open sources licenses and, well, I fully agree with him! :-D)

Next for JDBM

JDBM is one of my (low priority) open fronts. I am thinking now on the possibility to extend JDBM to multi-dimensinal keys. This is, using some sort of special keys to make JDBM store information in some sort of Universal B-Tree. This is a very rough idea, so I am still thinking if it's even feasible.

If it were possible then you could use different properties of JavaBeans as keys in a single B-Tree.

(By the way, if you have any idea on this or know if this is even feasible please let me know).

Cheers, Antonio

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