R6RS, NetBeans and having fun

For those enjoying Scheme out there: a draft version of R6RS is now available at r6rs.org

Quoting from an email from Mitch Wand:

I am extremely pleased to announce that a draft version of R6RS is now available at www.r6rs.org . A copy will also be posted on schemers.org .

The charter provides for a six-month public comment period. Therefore the editors, in consultation with the steering committee, have provided a mechanism for comment and discussion. Details are also at www.r6rs.org .

The comment period is now open and will continue until March 15, 2007.

The steering committee thanks the editors for their intensive work on the draft R6RS, and looks forward to the public comment period.


I've been taking a look at the draft and, well, it is just impressive. Lots of new stuff such as libraries, including ways to declare your own libraries and use some standard ones. Unicode support, too. Easier way to handle binary data. Improvements in I/O, etc.

You may be surprised about me posting about Scheme, but the fact is that I do really like Scheme as a programming language. In fact I'm planning about writing an IDE for Scheme on top of the NetBeans platform, and document all the process of building such an IDE here in my site. The idea is building something similar to schemeway, which is built on top of Eclipse. I know there's some support for Scheme on NetBeans at scripting.dev.java.net, which is a derivation of coyote, but I think I prefer building my own stuff. That way I'll be able to document it here (by doing some DocBook exercise) and, well, doing this stuff is always fun.

By the way, I think I've mentioned sisc previously. That's probably the fastest Java scripting engine ever ;-).

Happy R6RS commenting, Antonio

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