Cooking with DocBook and the NetBeans Platform

I am cooking with DocBook and the NetBeans Platform. Cooking an IDE for Scheme.

Cooking with DocBook and the NetBeans Platform

I am cooking with the NetBeans Platform, and documenting with DocBook.

Cooking with DocBook...

Norman Walsh, the creator of DocBook, has announced today that DocBook V4.5 is now an OASIS Standard. That's great news indeed. As you probably know, OASIS is an organization responsible for many standards, including the Open Document Format of OpenOffice (and StarOffice).

He also says that DocBook 4.5 is probably the last release that uses DTDs. Version 5.0 (Beta 8 was released a few days back) will use Relax NG instead of DTD.

I understand that Relax NG is probably much better to maintain than plain old DTDs, but I am not sure I am ready for that change at the moment. I process my DocBook documents with Lib XSLT and I don't think it supports Relax NG Schemas at the moment. In fact I think Relax NG support is not as widespread as DTD or XML Schema support. I'll have to investigate further, I assume.

... and the NetBeans Platform

Back to the point. As I said a few weeks ago I am experimenting with the NetBeans Platform as a basis to build sound, fast Swing applications. The NetBeans Platform has lot of good libraries in there that I want to reuse-not-reinvent (many of them are useable outside the IDE, by the way).

And, while experimenting I'm having lots of fun taking notes with DocBook.

I've posted the recipes of such a cooking in my kitchen (well, of course! ;-)). If you happen to visit it I'd apreciate feedback (and corrections, if any).

Happy doc-booking and net-beansing, Antonio

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