Standalone NetBeans Editor

If you want to edit/view XML and Java files in your Swing applications...

... then you should be considering using the NetBeans Platform.

After all the hack at my attic is just a hack.

NetBeans Standalone Editor

Why support for Java and XML?

Well, the fact is that I'm creating an IDE for Scheme on top of the NetBeans Platform, and while doing so I'm exploring the NetBeans Platform internals.

And I wanted to see if I could use the NetBeans editor in my standalone applications. So a while ago I created a standalone Scheme Editor with the NetBeans Editor Library.

And the fact is that one of my favourite bloggers asked me if I could add support for XML files. And doing that is somewhat easy, once you learn a bit about the internals of the editor.

So there we are, I've added support for XML (and Java) and placed all the stuff in my attic as usual.

But are you sure you want to use it?

There're lots of things missing (indentation, folding, completion). If you want those then you should be using the NetBeans Platform.

After all adding support for new languages is getting more and more easy with the Schliemann project, to be released with NetBeans 6.0.

So think twice before using this standalone editor in your own apps: you should consider using the NetBeans Platform instead. There's much to gain, little to lose.

And yes, you're right, I won't be extending nor supporting this standalone editor. After all it's a plain hack.

Happy NetBeans-ing,


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