Compiz (beryl), Xgl and Java

New Java 6.0 u1 solves a problem with compiz and beryl, hurray!

Beryl and ATI = No Java apps...

A few months ago I installed Beryl on my Kubuntu 6.10 system. That was a real pain, because my system uses an ATI driver, and there's no real howto on how to do it correctly (I had to do lots of googling to solve the thing).

But the fact is that I got it up and running.

After all that hard work I was really disappointed because Swing did not behave properly. That was a real problem for me, since I'm lucky enough to use NetBeans on a daily basis.

... until now!!

So in a recent visit to Charles Ditzel's blog I found out about the first update of Java SE 6.0 U1. A quick look to the release notes indicates that the problem has been solved.

So there I am downloading Java SE 6 Update 1!!

I'll let you know on how well it runs with Beryl.

Happy beryil-ing,


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