Eclipse 3.4: impressive feature list

The recent 3.4 release of Eclipse has the most amazing list of features I have ever seen.

Among others you now have 1.1.0.v20080603-7C79E8M9EI99m9c9S, 1.6.0.v200804021-440kE77c7QBPCFPL, 3.0.0.v200806111800-7U-8Y9LIrwYBUV7sHGjhtz0LTrMd and, most surprisingly, 3.4.0.v20080610-9I96EhtEm-T5LxIsybz-3MdGZmOA3uwv7Ka_M.

Get the full listing here.

Now, seriously, why should I even download it? Is there a real list of features anywhere?

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