I hate Lisp...

We, followers of Planet Scheme were most surprised when Joe Marshall said he hated Lisp.

You wouldn't expect that from a guy whose blog URL is funcall.blogspot.com, right?

His "I hate Lisp" blog entry caught my eye (we were shocked!) so I started reading it. It was for real, Joe Marshall hated Lisp.

In some other entries he explains why he hated Lisp when he first met it and, of course, how he fell in love with Lisp a few years later, when he learned about tail recursion and when he derived a function with a few lines of code.

If you have some spare time you may want to follow his latests posts. Lots of fun and very simple explanations in there. A very nice introduction to Lisp.

That's why I like Scheme too

Although I'm proficient with Java, I must confess that Scheme is my true love. You have first class functions, closures, tail recursion, functional programming, object oriented programming, imperative programming, introspection, serialization and lots of fun out of the box. Now, what else do you need?

So, to summarize: go read Joe Marshall's blog and forget about any Adventures of Phytonistas in Schemeland.

Have fun, Antonio

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