Announcing LambdaBeans 1.0 RC

I've just released LambdaBeans 1.0 Release Candidate, and IDE for Scheme built on top of the NetBeans Platform.

LambdaBeans is being built on OpenSolaris, but should run on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and other platforms supporting Java 1.6.


Features include:

  • Includes SISC and Kawa.
  • Includes SLIB 3b1.
  • Supports SISC, Kawa, SCM, Guile, Gauche and Gambit.
  • Embedded REPL with history (arrow up/arrow down).
  • R5RS and SLIB help.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • R5RS Autocompletion.
  • Scheme definitions navigation.
  • Scheme definitions autocompletion.
  • Integrates with CVS/Subversion/Mercurial.
  • Simple project structure.

Of course all those features don't work correctly, because this is a beta release camuflated as a release candidate. But, hey, don't tell anybody, ok?


I've set up a specific LambdaBeans blog.

LambdaBeans is hosted at Kenai, where you can find downloads, source code, issue tracking and mailing lists.


1.0 Release Candidate does not include an installer, so you should download and unzip the binary in the downloads section at Kenai.

Then you should make sure you have a Java 1.6 runtime on your path.

And then open the lambdabeans/bin and execute the binary for your platform there.

There're some rough edges in LambdaBeans 1.0 RC, so I'd appreciate any issue reports.

Happy Scheming, Antonio

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