Getting to know the DCI Architecture

The DCI Architecture is a New Vision of Object-Oriented Programming.

At first glance that sounded to me as those commercials announcing a new laundry detergent. You know, we're flooded with people announcing those weekly "Java EE Patterns" that aren't. So, why pay attention to it?

Great authors!!

But the fact is that the article is signed by Trygve Reenskaug a guy with FIFTY years of software development experience (wow!) and the father of MVC, and by Jim Coplien, one of my heroes when I used C++ ages ago.

So the article is, indeed, worth a read.

... and the NetBeans Platform

How does that apply to the NetBeans Platform? After reading the article I found that the NetBeans Platform fits quite well with the DCI Architecture. So by using the NetBeans Platform you're already using a "New" Vision of Object Oriented Programming.

I wrote some notes while reading the article, and I created a new software recipe so visit my kitchen for a further read.

So happy DCI-ing with the NetBeans Platform,


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