Kick Butt... and Have Fun!

I am with Scott McNealy. I have always been. Scott is a great leader. He made the Standford University Network (SUN) a world-wide company in record time. Sun changed how IT works worldwide. From the J2EE specification to NFS, from ZFS to Java to Sparc. Wow.

I think that "Kick Butt... and Have Fun!" defines perfectly Scott's attitude: work hard, innovate, make Great Things and have fun all the way.

And it does define as well my five years and a half at Sun. It was a honor for me to join the Sun Java Center and meet great people there. I will always be proud of having been a Sun employee.

I wish all my Sun friends all the best in the new company. I have no doubts they will do well there, they're The Best Out There.

As Scott says, to all Sun folks worlwide:

My best to all of you, and remember: Kick butt and have fun!

Update: I fully agree with Terrence Bar that puts it in English much better than I do. As Terrence suggests, don't forget to visit A Tribute to Sun Microsystems

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