This is love, true love

Oh yeah. I've been using OpenSolaris since the 2008/11 release. And I'm still enjoying my 2009/06 release. Every-single-day.

Things that have changed...

Time flies by. Indeed. Things have changed a lot since 2008/11. Since then we've seen:

... and things I've learned

And I've learnt a lot of things during this time as well, among others (the ones I remember right now, being tired as I am):

  • The extra repository, including an updated version of Firefox, VirtualBox, extra true-type fonts, and the javafx sdk.
  • The "Less Known Solaris Features Ebook"
  • You don't need to burn an ISO to download a development version of OpenSolaris. All you have to do is to read the release notes for a development build and then follow these instructions. Since you have different boot environments in OpenSolaris you can choose which version you want to root at boot time (using the grub menu) but you don't have to change your data.
  • I upgraded my laptop's hard disk to a Kingson SSD Now! with 128Gb, so I had to learn about zfs import and friends in order to read my previous hard disk (that I read now as an USB external drive). All my data is there.
  • I got a Huawei E169 HSPDA USB Modem working with my OpenSolaris 2009/06 with some trouble. Not very different from Linux, though (I don't use Linux since two years, though).
  • It's not a good idea to have partitions on your hard disk. My brand new hard disk is now fully allocated for zfs.

What next, baby?

I'm eager to try out the 2010-03 release. I know I can try out the build 134, but I prefer to wait.

Meanwhile I'll go have some beers at the II Open Solaris User Group meeting in Madrid, next March the 13th, 2010.

With tapas, of course! See you there!

Happy 2010/03, Antonio

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