Cooking options with the NetBeans Platform

Fonts, colors, key bindings, caret blink rate and more. Persisted. With a single class. This rocks!

This is so easy...

... that I am ashamed I haven't looked at it years ago!

NetBeans editors are feature rich. And all those options (and more!) are persisted automagically for you with a single class, a properties file and an XML file.

I keep on cooking a Scheme Editor with the NetBeans Platform, and now the editor is working correctly (in black and white). I can finally write Scheme programs using a Java IDE. Cool!!

Next? Colorful toppings!

In the next section (as soon as possible, as always, I'm busy cooking it now) I'll be adding some colors to the Scheme Editor. This is going to be somewhat involved (after all parsing a language is not an easy thing), but not too difficult.

Happy NetBean-ing, Antonio

P.S.: I will be posting some source code soon. Keep tuned for that too.

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