NetBeans Syntax Highlighting: The old, the good and the young

A quick look at NetBeans Syntax Highlighting, and to NetBeans Module Installers.

What a month!

Phew! Sorry for not posting any earlier, but this has been a very busy month. I've been suffering flu, I've been to a funeral far away from Madrid, and I've been involved on a 4 week project that had me "unplugged" (due to security restrictions) all the day through.

I have also upgraded my hosting plan. This required a migration to a new server (with a MySQL instance I can play with!). My hosting provider is still finding out how to set up JNLP mime types on the Apache Web Server ;-) so all Java Web Started applications on this site won't work until they arrange this (or until I build a workaround with PHP, whatever happens first ;-)).

I have noticed some missing images that I have been fixing lately. I'd appreciate any comments on broken stuff on the site.

As you probably know (unless you've been isolated in a customer's due to security restrictions), during this month NetBeans 5.5 has been released (and I've been doing some testing and, you know what? It's just a great piece of software again!) and Java is going to be GPL'ed. And we have NetBeans Visual WebPack. And we now have FlashPlayer 9 (beta) for linux. That's a lot of stuff to digest! (and lots of topics to blog about!)

A busy month, indeed!

More NetBeans stuff

Scheme evaluation

I have been doing some progress with my Scheme IDE Project, as time permits. I can now run Scheme code inside my NetBeans application using the Second Interpreter of Scheme Code. I am still polishing it (I'm still deciding how to interrupt a running Scheme evaluation), but things are going well. As you can see in the image, evaluating a Scheme file is indeed fast! And the Scheme editor has now code-folding. Looks promising!

I'll try to document how I've done all that stuff (including how I'm invoking Scheme from Java) as soon as possible.

As a first step towards documenting the whole project, I have added another page to the current documentation. I've called it Colorful editors: The Old, The Good and the Young and it contains a basic explanation of NetBeans Syntax Highlighting (as I understand it, of course!) and an introduction to NetBeans Module Installers.

The next documentation area will be either building a custom "Syntax" object or embedding the SISC library inside the NetBeans application.

As usual, all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Happy NetBeans-5.5-ing ;-D, Antonio

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