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Spanish version available! From now on I'll start blogging in spanish as well. NetBeans Scheme IDE: New section on how to add syntax support to your EditorKits.

So, why not in spanish?

I started my blogging experience in june, 2004. Everybody there was blogging in english, and at that time there was no support for blogging in different languages. Things have improved a lot: Jonathan Schwartz is blogging now in different languages, though, for instance.

Since most people I know have a decent knowledge of the english language (but me: I should start taking some classes) I didn't mind blogging in english. So that's why I blog in english: eveybody was doing that at the time, and it was difficult to blog both in english and spanish.

La Paz, in Bolivia.

I take a look at my access logs from time to time. Just to check that everything is running well and to know where people is coming from.

And I noticed someone coming from La Paz, in Bolivia, that was using the Google translation service to translate one page in my site.

And I blushed. I was totally embarrased. Ashamed. How is it that a spanish-speaking person had to use the Google translation services to access to my site? No way!

So I realized I had to start blogging in spanish. My sincere apologies to all spanish-speaking people. It won't happen again. All stuff here will be translated to spanish.

°Hola a todos!

So, from now on, I'll keep on blogging in english (people is usually kind enough to give me feedback about my disgressions with the language).

But I'll also start blogging in spanish. Trying to keep both in sync is going to be a real challenge.

So Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to everybody.

And regarding the Scheme IDE I'm building with NetBeans...

If you're interested in building NetBeans based standalone editors then you probably want to go take a look to the new entry about Syntax support. Some tricks with regular expressions, that ease building complex Syntax objects.

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